Our Creed


Empowerment through Education

This is our belief

Commitment to the betterment of self and society as a whole—

This is how we live our lives,

This is why we continue to seek knowledge,

And this is why we can never be beaten or broken!

Empowerment begins and ends with the importation of knowledge, let that journey continue today!

~Michael and Tracey Landry

Upcoming Events

    • Registration opens

      March 10th Registration opens up for the 2017-18 school year

      Annual School Cruise

      April 30th Annual School Cruise. 2016 Destination: Jamaica

      Admission Conference

      Wellesleyan University Admission Conference: May 11th through 13th


      Friday, May 26th at Our Savior’s Church in Broussard, LA

      Summer Break

      June 5th through June 9th