" I have discovered in life that there are many ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go. "
Langston Hughes


Our students engage in core classes, have the opportunity to select elective, and earn college credits. Below is a sample of a typical schedule of each grade:


  • To foster the idea that young men and women can achieve success through autonomy (taking ownership and self-efficacy (the development of confidence) in the learning process .
  • To develop skills that will enable them to achieve success in college and beyond.
  • To demonstrate academic and instructional leadership.
  • To develop good citizens who understand the importance of giving back to the community.
  • To maintain financial responsibility.
  • To model ideals
  • To promote professional development
  • To use cutting edge technology as an educational tool
  • To foster relationships with the larger community

T. M. Landry recognizes that we must address our student’s schools needs by providing a program that captures the essence of autonomous learning.


T.M. Landry is based on a private school model that takes into account the individual needs of the student in order to create a solid foundation. This model is a flexible, Montessori college readiness program.

Technology: Electronic tablets

- All students are required to use an electronic tablet.

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Upcoming Events

    • Registration opens

      March 10th Registration opens up for the 2018- 2019 school year

      Annual School Cruise

      May 20th Annual School Cruise. 2018 Destination: Western Caribbean

      Spring Break

      March 30th to April 2nd,returning on April 3rd


      Saturday, May 19th at Our Savior’s Church in Lafayette, LA

      Summer Break

      May 20th through May 27th

Field Trips!

Out of State College Tours

Out of State College Tours

Yearly Tropical Cruises

Fun Weekend Gatherings: Pelican’s Game

Visiting former students: #oncefamilyalwaysfamily

Visiting former students: #oncefamilyalwaysfamily

Visiting former students: #oncefamilyalwaysfamily

Visiting former students: #oncefamilyalwaysfamily

Visiting former students: #oncefamilyalwaysfamily

Visiting former students: #oncefamilyalwaysfamily