Our Mission Statement

The T.M. Landry mission is dedicated to promoting each child’s self worth and dignity in a supportive, educational and safe environment while preparing them to prosper and flourish in a culturally diverse, technological society. T.M. Landry’s goal is that every child not only gets into, but gets THROUGH college. T.M. Landry is an independent co-educational year round college prep school.



Take Charge, This Day
And Set Your Sights High
Search Inside Yourself
And Find Your Hopes and Dreams
Then Make a Plan
To Achieve Those Goals
Move Along, Step by Step
To Realize your Aspirations
Do not be Distracted
By Doubts and Fears
Be Steady and Strong
Study Long and Hard
Be Committed in Your Dreams
And then You Will See
Your Goals Come to Fruition
As the Years Go By
Congratulations, College Graduates
The World is Yours for the Taking
Go Out and Take Whatever You Want
Today is the Day to Set Your Sights High
Today You Have Completed Your Degree
Tomorrow, Your Dreams Begin to Grow

By: Darrin Atkins